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  1. yesterday
    i tried learning prelude and fugue #2, also screw that (although i got pretty far)
  2. music
    a-ha Minor Earth Major Skya-ha Take On MeA.A. Bondy The Heart Is WillingA.A. Bondy Skull BonesA.C. Newman Young AtlantisA.C. Newma...
  3. résumé
    Mime Čuvalo Email: OBJECTIVE Looking for some kind of heart inside this great machine. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIEN...
  4. books
    Youre reading this site...or is it reading you? literature Kurt Vonnegut - Timequake Kurt Vonnegut - everything else Michael Ende ...
  5. Scott Weaver's Rolling through the Bay
    (via vimeo)#toothpicks #sf #insanity #awesomeness 
  6. fuck
    just got served a subpeona to testify against the arson woman #thisladyistotallygoingtoburnmyhousedownwhenshegetsoutofprison
  7. tue.
    spontaneous party #2 (hearts of unicorns)
  8. November 9th, Internet Independence Day
    November 9th, Internet Independence Day or Rediscovering the Web Using Mozilla Firefox I don't know if you knew this but there's ...
  9. movies
    classic/totally awesome great, id watch it again 2 Days In Paris20th Century Women25th Hour 28 Days Later3 Stooges 36th Chamber o...
  10. white stripes - st. james infirmary blues
    ---------------------------------------- | St. James Infirmary Blues | | Traditional, arranged by Joe Primrose | | Tabbed by Patr...
  11. oh crap
    the googlebot has been deployed to search and
  12. white stripes - you've got her in your pocket
    ----------------------------------- | You've Got Her In Your Pocket | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferri...
  13. dammit
    mah bike seat is gone. #imunnagetchyusucka
  14. yesterday
    had to restart twice today already: wireless stopped working, sound disappeared suddenly, now the dock is frozen, fuckin great #ma...
  15. tomorrow
    bakesale betty's for breakfast, baby #newpersonalmotto
  16. today
    moved all earthly belongings from pt. A to pt. B in 3 hrs - new personal record; then beer some bourbon to celebrate #sleeplikebab...
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