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sleater-kinney - burn, don't freeze

sleater-kinney - burn, don't freeze tab I'd set your heart on fire but arson is no way to make a love burn brighter. (When you saw me, on that first day said I'd blossom under your care). Always thought that the devil was the only one who knew the ins and outs of the ways of love, so I sold off my heart to see how this would end, now I can't move an inch for fear it will begin. (Wrap me up tight inside your wing Is it safe now, is it safe to breathe?) You come in between me and the darkness, please don't ever leave. (I force my eyes open, and now who has changed? You look different, so different today) Holding your eyes in the hardest stare running around like you wanted me there Lookin' at me like I'm the hottest in town then turnin's your back when you're movin' around I ain't gonna listen to you no more breakin' outta this place throwin' open the door Use me up just to fan the flame but you'll be sorry as I'm walkin' away (Backwards, forwards going out of my mind, spinning way off time Fire to water, baby's putting me out) You're the truest light I've known, but someday I'll learn I don't need your fuel to burn. (I'm the one who decides who I am I'm the one who will shed this old skin) Always thought that hell was the only place hot enough to melt our heart into a locked embrace. There's something so safe about a lack of air the only way to make sure that you'll always be there (I force my eyes open, and now who has changed? I feel different, so different today) Did you really change your mind? Could this be your only crime?
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