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modest mouse - out of gas

modest mouse - out of gas Tabbed by: CMM Email: (1st Guitar) e|-----------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------| D|-----7-------7---------------------------| A|-8-8---8p7-7---7\5-5-5h7--5\3-3-3-0-0----| E|-----------------------------------------| (2nd Guitar) e|-x-x--x-x--| B|-x-x--x-x--| G|-x-x--x-x--| D|-x-x--x-x--| A|-x-x--x-x--| E|-x-x--x-x--| Out of Gas Out of Road Out of Car Don't know how I'm gonna go I had a drink the other day Opinions were like kittens I was givin them away I had a drink the other day I a lot to say and I said You will come down soon too You will come down too soon Soon enough you will come down
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