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white stripes - st. james infirmary blues

---------------------------------------- | St. James Infirmary Blues | | Traditional, arranged by Joe Primrose | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ---------------------------------------- Another piano song; what the hell... let's put it in Open Fm tuning: C F C F G# C (If you would rather play it in standard tuning, I suggest Em (022000) with a capo on the 1st fret, so you still achieve the open chord sound) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | Fm: x00000 | |Fm/C: 000000 | |(-1): Note struck behind the nut | | h: Hammer onto note | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All breaks and note progressions are played over Fm. INTRO: Fm Oh, Koko C|-8-5--5-4--4-- F#|-------------- G|-------------- C|-------------- G|-------------- C|-------------- VERSE 1: Fm Fm/C Fm Fm/C Fm Well, folks, I'm goin' down to St. James Infirmary Fm/C Fm Fm/C Fm To see my little lady there Fm/C Fm She's stretched out on a long, white table Fm/C Fm Well, she C|------------------------------- F#|------------------------------- G|-7--7------5----5--3--3--2--0-- C|------------------------------- G|------------------------------- C|------------------------------- looks so good, so cold, so fair VERSE 2: Let her go, let her go, God bless her Wherever she may be You may search this whole wide world over But you'll never find another sweetheart like me Yeah, BREAK 1: C|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G#|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F|-0-3-5-7--5-3-5-7--0-3-5-7--5-3-0--0-3-5-7--12-10-7-5-3--12-12-10-10-7-7-5-5-3-3-2-2-0-- C|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F|-0-3-5-7--5-3-5-7--0-3-5-7--5-3-0--0-3-5-7--12-10-7-5-3--12-12-10-10-7-7-5-5-3-3-2-2-0-- C|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 3: Take apart your bones and put 'em back together Tell your mama that you're somebody new Feel the breeze blowin', tell em all, "Look out, here it comes!" Now, I can say whatever I feel like to you VERSE 4: Then give me six crap-shootin' pallbearers Let a chorus girl sing me a song Put a red-hot jazz band, we raise` `I'm afraid it's the best I can do to decifer this Hallelujah as we go along line. I'm all ears if you can understand it better. Well, BREAK 2: C|----------------------------5---3-5----------------------------------------- G#|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- F|-0-3-5-7--5-3-5-0--0-3-5-7-----------0-3-5-7--12-10-7-5-3--12-10-7-5-3-2-0-- C|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- F|-0-3-5-7--5-3-5-7--0-3-5-7--5-3---0--0-3-5-7--12-10-7-5-3--12-10-7-5-3-2-0-- C|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- C|-------------------------- G#|-------------------------- F|-------------------------- C|-0h1h3-0h1h3-0h1h3-0h1h3-- F|-------------------------- C|-------------------------- VERSE 5: Well, folks, now that you have heard my story Say, boy, hand me another shot of that rye And if anyone should ask you Just tell 'em I C|------------------------------------------------------------------------------(-1)-- G#|--------------------------------------------------------(-1)------------------(-1)-- F|-7-----------5---------3-------2-------0-------(-1)----------(-1)-------------(-1)-- C|---------------------------------------------------(-1)------------(-1)-------(-1)-- F|------------------------------------------------------------------------(-1)--(-1)-- C|------------------------------------------------------------------------------(-1)-- got some of those St. James Infirmary blues MIME's random piano NOTES: f-c-f(f drops to e in b/w)-ab riff - c bb ab g riff - f ab bb c bb ab bb (c-f chord)f ab bb c bb ab f f ab bb eb ab bb c f eb c bb ab f eb c bb ab g f) 2nd time - f ab bb c (f eb f (right hand - higher octave) c bb f (left hand - lower octave) neat bluesy riff - b c eb
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