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modest mouse - you're the good things

modest mouse - you're the good things Ernie A ---9--6--4/9---9----6 ------------ -4----------- -4----------- -2----------- -4----------- ------------ and the chorus -------------------- -------------------- -6-/--9--/--6--/--4--------- -6-/--9--/--6--/--4--------- -4-/--7--/--4--/--2--------- repeat --------------------- you were right im hangin round because light and sound wont seperate us from them you were right im underground becuase slight of hand can't seperate your body from the dirt your standing on today you're the good things yeah thats you..... you're the icing on the cake on the table at my wake you're the flowers in my house when my allergies come out you're the extra ton of cash on my sinking life raft you're the loud sound of fun when im trying to sleep for the faster part E -------------------------------------------------------- B -------------------------------------------------------- G -------------------------------------------------------- D -----13----13----13-16-13------------------------------- A --14----16----16----------14-14-14-14-14-14-13---------- E -----------------------------------------------16-14-11-
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