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ugly casanova - parasites

ugly casanova - parasites Tabbed by:CMM Tuning:Standard (Acoustic guitar)(Backbone of whole song) e|--------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-5--5--5--5-5--5/12--12--12--12-12--7--7--7--7-7--7\5--5--5--5-5----| D|-5--5--5--5-5--5/12--12--12--12-12--7--7--7--7-7--7\5--5--5--5-5----| A|-3--3--3--3-3--3/10--10--10--10-10--5--5--5--5-5--5\3--3--3--3-3----| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| (Overdriven Electric guitar) (starting notably at 0:25) e|------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------| G|-5--5------------12--12-------------7--7------------5--5----| D|-5--5------------12--12-------------7--7------------5--5----| A|-3--3------------10--10-------------5--5------------3--3----| E|------------------------------------------------------------| (Small Interlude) (played at 1:08) e|--------------------------------------------| B|-8\7----------------------------------------| G|-----7\4-4----------7--7--7-4--4-5----------| D|-----------7\5------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------| (Outro) (played at 2:17) e|--------------------------------------------| B|-8\7----------------------------------------| G|-----4/7-7----4\2--2--0-----------5/7-------| D|--------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------| NOTE: This part played really slowly on, truth be told, I doubt is a guitar. But here is it tabbed anyways. Song notes: - Throughout the entire song a G is played continuously which can be easily (and obviously) played by just continuously picking the G string. - Horn section plays G GG G D G G D G G - Near the end of the song another G (an octave higher) is played with a different rhythm in the background. | / slide up | \ slide down the parasites are excited when you're dead eyes bulging, entering your head. and all your thoughts, they rot. god and satan they gamble when you're dead beams of light, one sprite, the other's bourbon instead and all your thoughts, they rot. it was hot and time was stickin to my skin. we're all a punchline to a joke that they won't let us in on. and all your thoughts, they rot.
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