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sleater-kinney - jumpers

sleater-kinney - jumpers tab I spend the afternoon in cars I sit in traffic jams for hours Don't push me I am not OK The sky is blue most every day The lemons grow like tumors they Are tiny suns infused with sour Lonely as a cloud In the Golden State "The coldest winter that I ever saw Was the summer that I spent..." The only substance is the fog And it hides all that has gone wrong Can't see a thing Inside the maze There is a bridge adored and famed The Golden spine of engineering Who's back is heavy With my weight Be still this old heart Be still this old skin Drink your last drink Sin your last sin Sing your last song About the beginning Sing your song loud So the people can hear Let's Go Be still this sad day Be still this sad year Hope your last hope Fear you last fear Your not the only one Let's Go My falling shape will draw a line Between the blue of sea and sky I'm not a bird I'm not a plane I took the taxi to the gate I will not go to school again Four seconds was The longest wait
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