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white stripes - little ghost

----------------------------------- | Little Ghost | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | A: x02220 OR x07655 | | D: xx0232 OR xx0775 | | E: 022100 OR 076x00 OR 076400 OR 076900 OR 07999x | | >: Slowing tempo | | <|: Resume quick tempo | |N.C.: No Chord played | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The conventional chords can be replaced or combined with the 5th fret chords to replicate the guitar and mandolin. INTRO: A CHORUS: A D A Little ghost, little ghost, one I'm scared of the most E Can you scare me up a little bit of love? A D A I'm the only one that sees you, and I can't do much to please you E A And it's not your time to meet the lord above VERSE 1: A D A The first moment that I met her I did not expect a specter E When I shook her hand I really shook a glove A D A She looked into me so sweetly and we left the room descreetly E A No one else could know the secret of our love CHORUS VERSE 2: Every morning I awoke and I'd see my little ghost Wonderin' if it's really her that's lying there I'll lean to touch her and I'll whisper, but I'm not brave enough to kiss her When I held her I was really holdin' air CHORUS BRIDGE: A D A Though I tried my best to keep it, there really was no secret > E Must have looked like I was dancing with the wall A D A D A N.C. No one else could see this apparition, but because of my condition <| A E A I fell in love with a little ghost and that was all CHORUS A E A D A E A No it's not your time to meet the lord above
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