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white stripes - death letter

----------------------------------- | Death Letter | | Written by Son House | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- MIME's NOTES: Tune up half step than what's said here. orwhere it says G, play G# Open G Tuning D G D G B D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | G: x0000x | | C: x5555x (with slide) | | B: x3333x (with slide) | | D: x7777x (with slide) | | p: Pull off of note | | b: Bend note less than a half step | | /: Slide to note | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO and RIFF 1: Played 4x G D|-------------------------- B|-------------------------- G|---------3-0--3--3-3-3-3-- D|---------0---------------- G|-0----0------------------- D|---3b--------------------- VERSE 1: RIFF 1 I got a letter this mornin' RIFF 1 RIFF 1 What do ya reckon it read? RIFF 1 It said, "The gal you love is dead" /C C/B /C I got a letter this mornin' C/G What do you reckon it read? RIFF 2: Played 2x D|------5-(p0)--------- the (p0) is only sometimes played B|--------------------- G|-3-0--------0-0---0-- D|------------0-0---0-- G|------------0-0---0-- D|----------------3---- D C G Said, "Hurry, hurry, because the gal you love is dead" RIFF 2: Played 2x VERSE 2: Well, I packed up my suitcase I took off down the road When I got there she was Layin' on the coolin' board I packed up my suitcase And I took off down the road When I got there she was A-layin' on the coolin' board TURNAROUND 1: D|---------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------/7--7/0-- G|-----------------------------------0-/7--7/0-- D|-----------------------------------0-/7--7/0-- G|----5-5-----3-3------2-2----1-1------/7--7/0-- D|-5-------3-------2--------1------0------------ Well, BREAK 1: (There is so much improvisation is this break that I won't bother tabbing all the chord timings. Each chord is played longer than I have it shown) RIFF 2: Played 2x C D C B G D|------5----------------------------------------5-------------5---------------------- B|---------0-0-3/0--3-0-3--0-3-0-/5--5--0-------------------------0-0--7--7/5--5/3-0-- G|-3-0-----0-0-3/0--3-0-3--0-3-0-/5--5--0--3-0-----3-3-0--3-0-----0-0--7--7/5--5/3-0-- D|---------0-0-3/0--3-0-3--0-3-0-/5--5--0-------------------------0-0--7--7/5--5/3-0-- G|---------0-0-3/0--3-0-3--0-3-0-/5--5--0-------------------------0-0--7--7/5--5/3-0-- D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RIFF 2: Played 2x Hey! RIFF 1: Played 4x VERSE 3: It looked like ten thousand people Standin' 'round the buryin' ground I didn't know I loved her 'Til they began to let her down Looked like ten thousand People standin' 'round the buryin' ground I didn't know that I loved her 'Til they began to let her down VERSE 4: You know, it's so hard to love Someone that don't love you Ain't no satisfaction Don't care what you do So hard to love Yeah, someone that don't love you Don't look like satisfaction, and I don't care what you do TURNAROUND 2: D|----------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------/7--7/0-- G|--------------------------------------/7--7/0-- D|--------------------------------------/7--7/0-- G|----5-5-----3-3-----2----1--1-----0---/7--7/0-- D|-5-------3-------2-----1-------0--------------- Yeah! BREAK 2: Same rules apply to this break C D|------3-3---------------3-3------------------------------------------------------------3- B|-----------------------------3-5-3-0--3-0--3-0-3-3/2-0--3-0-3-0-3-0--/5-5--5-3-0--------- G|-3-0------0-3/2-0--3-0-------3-5-3-0--3-0--3-0-3-3/2-0--3-0-3-0-3-0--/5-5--5-3-0--3-0---- D|----------0-3/2-0------------3-5-3-0--3-0--3-0-3-3/2-0--3-0-3-0-3-0--/5-5--5-3-0--------- G|----------0-3/2-0------------3-5-3-0--3-0--3-0-3-3/2-0--3-0-3-0-3-0--/5-5--5-3-0--------- D|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Repeated 8x: |------| D|---------------3-------------------------------------------------------5/0- B|-0-3/5-0--3-0--3---------/7-7--7/10-10--0-3/2-0--3/2-0--3--3-0---/5-5--5/0- G|-0-3/5-0--3-0-----0-3-0--/7-7--7/10-10--0-3/2-0--3/2-0--3--3-0---/5-5--5/0- D|------------------0-3-0--/7-7--7/10-10--0-3/2-0--3/2-0--3--3-0---/5-5--5/0- G|------------------0-3-0--/7-7--7/10-10--0-3/2-0--3/2-0--3--3-0---/5-5--5/0- D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hush! Thought I heard her call my name D|------3-----------------3--------------------- B|--------------------------------/7-7--/10-10-- G|-3-0---------------3-0----------/7-7--/10-10-- D|----------------------------0---/7-7--/10-10-- G|--------0-0-0---0---------0---0-/7-7--/10-10-- D|--------------3------------------------------- TURNAROUND 1 RIFF 1: Played 4x VERSE 5: Well, I got up this mornin', the break of day Just huggin' the pillows where she used to lay Got up this mornin', leave the break of day Just huggin' the pillows where my baby used to lay TURNAROUND 3: D|----------------------------------- B|----------------------------------- G|-----------------------0--/7--/12-- D|--------------------------/7--/12-- G|-----3-----2-----1----------------- D|--3-----2-----1-----0--------------
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