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white stripes - sister, do you know my name?

----------------------------------- | Sister, Do You Know My Name? | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- MIME's NOTES: tune half step up. or where it says d, play eb Open D Tuning D A D F# A D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | D: 000000 | | A: 555555 (with slide) | | B: 777777 (with slide) | | G: 333333 (with slide) | | Ab: 444444 (with slide) | | A: 555555 (with slide) | | G5: 333xxx | | A5: 555xxx | | /: Slide to note (with slide) | |N.C.: No Chord played | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: P.M. D RIFF 1: Played with slide D|------------------ A|------------------ F#|-----7------------ D|-5/7---7/5-5/4-5-- A|------------------ D|------------------ D RIFF 1 D VERSE 1: D RIFF 1 D Well, we're back in school again RIFF 1 D And I don't really know anyone RIFF 1 D I really want to be your friend /A 'Cause I don't really know anyone /B And the bus is pulling up to your house N.C. I wish you could be sitting here next to me RIFF 2: D|-----7-----4/5-4---- A|-5/7---7/5-------5-- F#|-------------------- D|-------------------- A|-------------------- D|-------------------- D RIFF 1 D RIFF 1 VERSE 2: I didn't see you at summer school But I saw you at the corner store And I don't want to break the rules 'Cause I've broken them all before But every time I see you I wonder why I don't break a couple rules so that you'll notice me RIFF 2 D RIFF 1 RIFF 3: D|-----7------------ A|-5/7---7/5-------- F#|------------------ D|-----------5/4-5-- A|------------------ D|------------------ D VERSE 3: No P.M. D G5 A5 E Sister do you know my name? G/Ab/A I've heard it before but I want to know /B I got a funny feeling that it's gonna work out N.C. 'Cause now I see you sitting here next to me RIFF 1 D
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