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white stripes - hotel yorba

----------------------------------- | Hotel Yorba | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | G: 320003 | | C: x32010 | | F: 133211 | | D: xx0232 | | h: Hammer onto note | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: G e|-3----------------------3-- B|-0----------------------0-- G|-0----------------------0-- D|-0------0------0-----0--0-- A|-2--0h2----0h2---0h2----2-- E|-3----------------------3-- VERSE 1: G I was watching C With one eye on the other side D I had fifteen people telling me to move G I got moving on my mind I found shelter C In some thoughts turning wheels around D I said thirty-nine times that I love you G To the beauty I had found CHORUS: G Well, it's one, two, three, four Take the elevator C At the Hotel Yorba D I'll be glad to see you later G F G All they got inside is vacancy G C D G VERSE 2: I've been thinking Of a little place down by the lake They got a dirty old road leading up to the house I wonder how long it will take 'til we're alone Sitting on the front porch of that home Stomping our feet on the wooden boards Never gotta worry about lockin' the door CHORUS BRIDGE: G (let ring) C (let ring) D (let ring) G (let ring) (continue in a similar fashion) G It might sound silly C For me to think childish thoughts like these D But I'm so tired of acting tough G And I'm gonna do what I please (back to normal strumming...) G Let's get married C In a big cathedral by a priest D 'Cause if I'm the man that you love the most G You can say "I do" at least CHORUS G And it's four, five, six, seven Grab your umbrella C Grab hold of me cause D I'm your favorite fella G All they got inside is vacancy C G C G
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