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white stripes - i can learn

----------------------------------- | I Can Learn | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | Em: 022000 | | B5: x244xx | | G#5: x688xx | | A5: 577xxx | | Bb5: x133xx | |B5/F: 2244xx | |Am/G: 30221x (basically just a quick hit of the G note) | | D5: x577xx | | /: Slide to note | | h: Hammer onto note | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack never switches guitar settings during this song. He turns up the gain up very high on a clean channel and then plays lightly during the beginning of verses and hard when he wants distortion. INTRO: Em VERSE 1: Em B5 G#5 I wish we G#5 A5 Bb5 B5 Were stuck up a tree Em B5 G#5 Then we'd know G#5 A5 Bb5 B5 B5/F That it's nic-er bel-ow RIFF 1: e|--------- B|--------- G|--------- D|--------- A|-/2-0---- (sometimes played 0h2 instead of /2) E|------3-- Am Am/G Am I don't know any lullabys I don't know how to make you mine E (mime note - not Em) RIFF 1 Am But I can learn Am/G Am In lonely days ago B5 I saw lovers put on a show Well now it's my turn D5 B5 3x RIFF 1 Am RIFF 1 Em VERSE 2: Drive you home Then wait by the phone For that call And a walk in the fall No harm will come of this One little midnight kiss It will not burn Too many lonely days I feel like a throw away well now it's my turn VERSE 3: Falling down Is no longer around Feeling sun I'm no longer one Em A|---2-0--------2-- E|---------3----0-- well isn't this fun?
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