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white stripes - it's true that we love one another

------------------------------------ | It's True That We Love One Another | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | A: x02220 | | D: xx0232 | | E: 022100 | | /: Change in bass note | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: A CHORUS: A Well, it's true that we love one another (Jack + Meg + Holly) /g /f# E I love Jack White like a little brother (H) D Well, Holly, I love you too, but there's just so much (J) A That I don't know about you VERSE 1: (Chords unique to this verse) A Jack, give me some money to pay my bills (H) All the dough I give you, Holly, you been using on pain pills (J) D Jack, will you call me if you're able? (H) A /g /f# E I got your phone number written in the back of my bi-ble (J) D Jack, I think you're pullin' my leg (H) A And I think maybe I'd better ask Meg (H) VERSE 2: A Meg, do you think Jack really loves me? (H) /g /f# E You know, I don't care 'cause Jack really bugs me (M) D Why don't you ask him now? A Well, I would but, Meg, I really just don't know how (H) VERSE 3: Just say, "Jack, do you adore me?" (M) Well, I would, Holly, but love really bores me (J) Then I guess we should just be friends (J + H) I'm just kiddin', Holly, you know that I'll love you 'til the end (J) CHORUS VERSE 4: Holly, give me some of your English lovin' (J) If I did that, Jack, I'd have one in the oven (H) Why don't you go off and love yourself? If I did that, Holly, there won't be anything left for anybody else (J) VERSE 5: Jack, it's too bad about the way that you look (H) You know, I gave that horse a carrot so he'd break your foot (J) Will the two of you cut it out? (M) And tell 'em what it's really all about CHORUS Meg: "Whew" Holly: "That was good" Liam Watson: "Jolly good" Holly: "Was that jolly good?" Liam: "Yeah, very nice" Holly: "Jolly good. Cup of tea, then, Bruce. Let's celebrate."
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