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starlight mints - sir prize

starlight mints - sir prize tabbed by mime čuvalo i'd buy an electric violin just to play this song. over and over and over. G: 355433 F#: 244322 G#: 466544 C#: 446664 B7: xx4445 E: 022100 C#m:446654 B: 224442 A: 002220 Ebm:668876 Bbm:688666 Eb: 668886 INTRO - MAIN RIFF G F# G G# C# F# B7 E G F# G# C# F# B7 E F# G -------9-9-16-16-12-12-17-17-10-10-14-14------9-9-16-16-12-12-17-17-10-10-10-10---------2/4--- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RIFF 2 C#m G# C#m G# -16-12----------------11-16-12-------------16-12----------------12-16-12------------- -------14----------13----------14----------------14----------14----------14---------- ----------13-12-13----------------13-12-13----------13-12-13----------------13-12-13- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- at end of song replace the 14 and 12 with ^ ^ -------------------------------------------------------------13-14-------------------- (just keep hitting C#m) i see the flight of your row(?) in the fleece of your eye RIFF 3 (stuff in paranthesis only played 2nd time through) -------------15-15-16---------------------------------------------------------- -13-14-13-14-----------------------(12)---------------------------------------- -------------------------------(11)-------------------------------------------- ---------------------------(12)------------------------------------------------ -----------------------(11)---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quick RIFF: low e: 4, a: 5, low e: 4, a: 5 i'm riding the escalator for the round side of you F# B with a box(?), a flash E A a major sigh F# B E G# capiscia(?) don't set the tar(?) RIFF 2 i count your breath verse 2: i see the why in the mouth of the ray in the sky chasing me out with a cup of the old switcheroo with a box(?), a flash a major sigh a tiny submarina it's a masquerade, the mousecapade Ebm Bbm Eb and the ruby in your twist MAIN RIFF (buh buh buh buh buh buh): throughout the bridge my array shaking hands with the cats in the mirror my array waking up with the blast of a cold my array, my array i count your breath i count your breath i count your breath i count your breath
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