night light

starlight mints - blinded by you

starlight mints - blinded by you tabbed by mime čuvalo The chords I leave to your imagination as to where you want to play them. MAIN RIFF G F C Fm C G F ----15-19-17-13-------12-15-16-15----20-18-16-18-16-15-------13-11------------ -15-------------13-13-------------13----------------------12------------------ -------------------------------------------------------12--------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E F i saw E the flames A radar-sustained F your grace E explains your brain C RIFF 2nd string - 5-4-3 my congestion MAIN RIFF blinded by you RIFF 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------2-------------------------------------------------------------------- -----0-3---------------------------------------------------------------------- -0-1-------------------------------------------------------------------------- verse 2: i saw the crops disappear RIFF 1st string - 5-4-1-4-0 i heard a crash i felt the blast G Gm or Bb F (not sure whether its Gm or Bb or either) (i know why) gravity stops today G Gm or Bb (i know why) astronomy blown away Am? C B Bb (for Am? I play xx2211) (i know why) you chose me Bb F you chose me C7 C7 B7 C7 B7 B7 C7 C7 B7 B7 Bb7 blinded by you (swing swing swing) blinded by you (swing swing swin) blinded (sweet anita) by you (swing swing swing) blinded (sweet anita) by you RIFF 2, end on xx2002
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