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starlight mints - margarita

starlight mints - margarita tabbed by mime čuvalo Dm: 557765 Am: 577555 G: 355433 D: xx777x G(high): xx12,12,12x C: 335553 A: 002220 Fm: 133111 D7: xx7778 C#m:446654 G#: 466544 Ab: xx111x INTRO: Dm Am G MAIN progression: D G(high) D C D A C D for the trippy little interlude just play around on your first string including these notes: 2-4-5 progression for verses: D A C D policia donde octopus arriba de so popious won't you take her away from us? margarita the octopus RIFF 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------12----------12--------7-------7-------8-------8-------4-------4-------- ----12----12----12----12---7---7---7---7---9---9---9---9---4---4---4---4------ -12----------12----------7-------7-------9-------9-------4-------4------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ don't blow your cool for margarita Fm C A MAIN progression arriba verse 2: as she sashays around the bus blowing rings of smoke out at us mamasita can't help the chess(?) margarita es populous don't blow your cool for margarita 1st string - 13-19-13 (kind sounds like those high notes) Bb C D7 Bb C Bb C D7 Bb G C A tres up your console, hey anita Fm C C#m G# (arriba, arriba) the bonafide and elephantic mess she spread with her fingers bloodied by the chandalier swept like in your heart the witch's head ballerina hand she tossed on the ballroom floor, besides she was just, she was just A Ab Dm coming to ... (trippy interlude again)
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