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daily routine

my daily schedule, summer 2012

(yes, I get a late start to my day but I stay up late)
excercise: 80 sit-ups. 80 push-ups.
cleansing: shower. brush teef. deodorant. shave, maybe.
communication: go through emails.
10-6:30 work!
6:30-7:30 dinner. socialize.
7:30-1 2012: hello, world. learn uke.
2013: baking. cooking.
2014: video blogging. stop motion. animated gifs.
2015: gardening. pickling. crafting. homesteading. chickens.
2016: writing.

before i was trying to do these things on different days of the week but it ended up being too fragmented. i'm going for the long term view now to focus on particular things each year.

(photography whenever the right light hits :)

1-9 sleep!

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