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of montreal - joseph and alexander

of montreal - joseph and alexander tabbed by mime čuvalo (not sure about a lot of this song, or any of 'of montreal's stuff) (tune down like 1/4 of a step) INTRO: C#m Cm D G Bm Em D G Joseph and Alexander rode their flaming swans Bm Em->x42 Am D above Miss Dovepost and her loudmouth niece Bm Em C who had a fear of geese and who even in a corset D looked remarkably obese Joseph and Alexander redirect their swanis left to take a gander at the funnel nosed threes in the Pekinese trees who are normally a nervous sort but now seem quite at ease Cm G Csus2(?) D A Joseph and Alexander are brothers and best friends F#m Fm Cm the wonderful adventures that they share together never end E E7 D A Be sure to send a smile for me and Dave D to wherever they're pretending to be E I hope they keep a journal F# and take lots of photographs Bm A of all the funny things they see Joseph and Alexander approach the nest of the speckled salamander who with utmost care is knitting thermal underwear She smiles and hollers up "These are for my grandchildren to wear" Joseph and Alexander feeling tuckered now decide to meander back into their beds and kiss their swanis on the head but before going to sleepy land Joseph turned and said "Aggats, I love you" Alexander yawns and says C#m Cm G "Joseph me too I love you"
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