night light

weezer - holiday in the sun

Main electric riff: Em Am D G E|--3--3--x--5--x--2--2-2--x--3--3-- B|--5--5--x--5--x--3--3-3--x--3--3-- G|--4--4--x--5--x--2--2-2--x--4--4-- D|-(5--5--x--7--x--4--4-4--x--5--5)- A|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- Hip hip Hip hip When you're on a holiday You can't find the words to say All the things that come to you And I want to feel it too On an island in the sun We'll be playing and having fun And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain When you're on a golden sea You don't need no memory Just a place to call your own As we drift into the zone

Guitar 1
    D        G        D        G        C        A        D

chorus We'll run away together We'll spend some time forever We'll never feel bad anymore, hip hip
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