night light - white stripes - the air near my fingers – night light

white stripes - the air near my fingers

----------------------------------- | The Air Near My Fingers | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | A: x02220 | | C: x32010 | | G: 320003 | | D: xx0232 | | A5: 577xxx | | Ab5: 466xxx | | G5: 355xxx | | Bb: x13331 | | F: 133211 | | /: Slide to note | |N.C.: No Chord played | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: Hey, Played 4x: A C G D (sus4) VERSE 1: A Life is so boring C It's really got me snoring G I'm wearing out the flooring D In a cheap hotel A But I don't have to work C And I might be sinning G But I'm never gonna have to hear D The rings of school bells BREAK 1: Played 2x A Do do C Do do-do do G Do do D Do do do do do Played 4x: A5 A5 A5 N.C. VERSE 1: Well, don't you remember? You told me in December That a boy is not a man Until he makes a stand Well, I'm not a genius But maybe you'll remember this I never said I ever wanted To be a man BREAK 1 BREAK 2: A5 Ab5 G5 PIANO e|-------------10/0-- B|------------------- G|------------------- D|-7---6---5--------- A|-7---6---5--------- E|-5---4---3--------- Yeah, CHORUS: Played 4x G Bb I get nervous when she comes around F When she comes around G When she comes around BREAK 3: Played 4x: G5 Ab5 A5 A5 A5 Hey! Played 4x: KEYBOARD: (Over INTRO) e|-------------------------------2-3-2-- B|------------1--3-1-------------------- G|-2-4-5-4-2----------0-2-4-2-0--------- D|-------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------- VERSE 3: My mom is so caring She really got me staring At all the crazy little things She does for sure And I can't seem to think of Another kind of love That a boy could ever get From anyone but her BREAK 1 BREAK 2 CHORUS BREAK 3 (KEYBOARD repeats and fades down) A PIANO e|-10/0-- B|------- G|------- D|------- A|------- E|-------
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