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name: mime čuvalo
location: montmartre, paris  
school: hard knocks
occupation: web developer    
about me:

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  • mimecuvalo
    This is fixed now in the latest version.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • islajay
    Hi Mime,
    Good day to you.  I have been using FireFTP and I love it for several years now. Since your recent update, I can't connect to my customer's FTP site.  Any help you can provide on fixing the issue?  I last used FireFTP on Friday and it worked fine.  But since yesterday, I can't connect to my client's FTP site.  The connection does work as usual with my website's FTP but not with my clients.  I confirmed that it is not my customer's FTP site since I downloaded another FTP program and was able to connect.   Can you help me out please?  Thank you Mime.
  • surbeckd
    I have tried to give you money! I do not have or a paypal account.  How do we solve this?  I wrote a LOT code in my past.  I really appreciate the work you and mozzy do.  so.....
  • mikegreen
    dear mime
    where can i leave messages re fireftp bugs? i just came across a consistant 426 error with some servers vs no errors wen using same with filezilla.

    be well,
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