night light - blur - this is a low – night light

blur - this is a low

chords: Em F# G A | e bm a c#m c bm e | e d e am e d e am bm c bm e And into the sea goes pretty England and me Around the Bay of Biscay and back for tea Hitting traffic on the dogger bank Up the Thames to find a taxi rank Sail on by with the tide and fall asleep (When ending every verse on the E chord, play it like so...) and the radio says... This is a low...but it won't hurt you When you're will be there when you Finding ways to stay solo On the tyne, forth and cromarty There's a low in the high 40's (and) Saturday's locked away on the pier Not fast enough dear On the malin head, blackpool looks blue and red And the queen, she's gone `round the bend Jumped off Land's End (repeat chorus, then middle, then repeat chorus 2x)
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