night light

no doubt - don't speak

bridge: C# G# B F# A C# D# C#5/D#5 G# [Cm]You and me We [Gm]used to be to[Fm]gether E[Bb]very day to[Gm]gether [Fm]always[Bb] I [Cm]really feel[Gm] I'm [Fm]loosing my [Bb]best friend I [Cm]can't believe This [Gm]could be [Fm]the end[Bb] It [Cm]look as [Gm]though [Fm]you're letting [Bb]go And [D#]if it's real, Well [Bb]I don't want to [C]know [Fm]Don't speak [C#]I know just what you're [D#]saying [C]So please stop ex[Bmb]plaining Don't [C]tell me cause it [Fm]hurts [C#] [C] [Fm]Don't speak [C#]I know that you're [D#]thinking [C]I don't need you're [Bmb]reasons Don't [C]tell me cause [Fm]it hurts [C#] [C] Our [Cm]memories [Gm]They can be in[Fm]viting But some are [Bb]altogether [Gm]Mighty brighte[Fm]ning[Bb] [Cm]As we [Gm]die, both [Fm]you and [Bb]I [D#]With my head in my [Bb]hands I sit and [C]cry CHORUS It's all ending You gotta stop pretending who we are... You and me I can see us dying... are we? CHORUS
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