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starlight mints - goldstar

starlight mints - goldstar tabbed by mime čuvalo INTRO: Bb Ab (not sure about that) MAIN PROGRESSION: E Bb Eb RIFF 1 (played here and there and everywhere) -------4-7-6--------7-6-4-0-----------0/7-6-4--------------------------------- ---0-3----------------------3-4---0-3---------3-4----------------------------- -3------------------------------3--------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (what chords/notes to play i'll leave to you, for the main progression i like to play x221xx, x103xx, x110xx, for the gold-star gun part you can play xxx454, xx3331, xxx343) itchin' like a subway dog i was looking for the train on when suddenly she says to me are you my treasure star? RIFF 2 -----4-3-0---6-4-3-0-4-3-0---------------------------------------------------- -4-5-------4------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ har-har-har har-har-har (with some notes on 3rd string going -3-3-4-3-) she was kooky like some girl from mars so i asked her where she got that part (?) so wonderfully she whispered to me: shoot me down, mister slim, RIFF 3 ---------6-7-5-1-6------------------------------------------------------------ -----3-4---------------------------------------------------------------------- -3-4-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ better watch your back when the train comes in Bb Ab C# and then we rode up town like majesty F# she talked to (?) in the dream (?) Bb Eb but when our secret worlds collide C# she tried to shoot me with her xxx997 xxx686 E Bb Eb RIFF 2 (variation) gold star gun she could crawl out like mystery it felt so weird she looked at me i wouldn't care i couldn't say i turn around again RIFF 3 3rd string -1-0-1-3-3-1-3-0 and then we rode up town like majesty and she was sayin' to me until these evil words collide she's got a fertile (?) little finger 'round that gold-star gun
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