night light

weezer - butterfly

chords: G Em C D (riff) | d g em c d g g7 cd g em c Yesterday I went outside With my momma's mason jar Caught a lovely Butterfly When I woke up today And looked in on my fairy pet She had withered all away No more sighing in her breast I'm sorry for what I did I did what my body told me to I didn't mean to do you harm But everytime I pin down what I think I want it slips away - the ghost slips away I smell you on my hand for days I can't wash away your scent if I'm a dog then you're a bitch I guess you're as real as me maybe I can live with that maybe I need fantasy a life of chasing Butterfly I told you I would return When the robin makes his nest but I ain't never comin' back I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
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