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white stripes - instinct blues

----------------------------------- | Instinct Blues | | Words and Music by Jack White | | Tabbed by Patrick Ferris | ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Tab Definitions: | | A5: x022xx | | G5: xx00xx | | E5: 022xxx | | D5: x577xx | | B5: x244xx | | h: Hammer onto note | | p: Pull off of note | | b: Bend to note | | r: Release to note | | ~: Vibrato | | x: Muted note | | *: False (pinched) harmonic | | (): Ghost note | | ^: Chord played concurrently with Whammy pedal shifting up from 8/8v to 8 | |8/8v: Harmonic doubling with lower octave (Whammy pedal) | | /8^: Whammy slide up the octave | | 8~: Unspecific Whammy pedal position | | 8: Return to natural octave | |P.M.: Palm Muting | |N.C.: No chord played | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: Two guitars warm up simultaneously Guitar 2: e|-------10-10b11r10p8-----8-10b11r10p8-------------8---10b11r10p8--10-10b11r10p8-------b11--8--10-10b11r10p8- B|-10------------------10---------------10---(10~)---------------------------------10~------------------------ G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guitar 1: e|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------x-13---------- B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D|-(0)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------(0)------------------------ Guitar 2: e|-10-10b11r10p8-------8-------------------------- B|-----------------10----------------------------- G|------------------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------ Guitar 1: e|------------------------------------------------ B|------------------------------------------------ G|------------------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------(0)---12(~)--10---10/0-- E|------------------------------------------------ Guitar 2 ends Guitar 1: Opening riff A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|----------------------------(0)----------------------(0)-------------------------------------------------- G|----0h2-0------------------2-0--0----(0)-(0)--(0)---2-0-----0---------------------2--2-0--0--------------- D|-----------2--0h2p0---0-----------2--(0)-/2-0-/2---------2--0h2-0--------------0-(2)--------2--0h2p0---0-- A|-0------------------3---0------------------------0----------------0--(0)-3--(3)--(0)-----------------3---- E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 1: A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ Well, the crickets get it A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ And the ants get it A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ I bet you the pigs get it A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ Yeah, even the plants get it D5 RIFF 1 A5^ A5^ A5^ A5^ A5^ A5^ e|----------------------------------- B|----------------------------------- G|-7----5--h--7--5~------------------ D|-7--------------------------------- A|-5--------------------------------- E|----------------------------------- But come on now and get with it D5 RIFF 1 Yeah, I want you to get with it 8/8v e|----------------- B|----------5------ G|-7--7--5-----5b-- D|----------------- A|----------------- E|----------------- 8/8v A5 G5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 Oh! Yeah, I just want you to get with it! A5 G5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 CHORUS: 8/8v /e /d /c E5 G5 A5 A5 A5 A5 'Cause ev-ery worm that's under your shoe N.C. E5 G5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 And every bird and bug in the jungle too E5 G5 A5 A5 A5 A5 And everything in the ocean blue N.C. B5 D5 B5 They just happen to know exactly what to do N.C. So why don't you? 8 A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 e|---------------------------------------------------------------- B|-------(0)---------------------------------(0)------------------ G|----0h2-0--0----------------------0-h-2-----0------------------- D|-------------2--0h2p0---0------------------------0h2-2-2-2-2-2-- A|-0--------------------3---0------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, why don't you? VERSE 2: The flies get it And the frogs get it And all them big jungle cats get it And I'll bet your little dog gets it Yeah, and I want you to get with! Oh, yeah, come on and get with it! 8~ 8/8v e|-------------------- B|-------------5------ G|----7--7--5-----5b-- D|-------------------- A|-------------------- E|-------------------- Oh! P.M. A5 G5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 Hoo! Yeah! Yeah, I want you to get with it! A5 G5 /a /g /e /d /d /c e|------------------- B|------------------- G|-2--0-------------- D|-------2--0--0----- A|----------------3-- E|------------------- Yeah! CHORUS: 'Cause every worm that's under your shoe And every bird and bee in the jungle too And everything in the ocean blue They just happen to know exactly what to do So why don't you? BREAK: P.M. 8 e|-------8(b)------8*--10b12r10p8------10--10b12r10p8-------------------15-------------15---------------- B|-10-----------------------------10------------------10---10(~)---13------15b*p13--------15b16r15p13---- G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------14-----------------14- D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|------------(0)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e|------------------------8---10--10-10b12r10p8------------8b---------------0h3bp0------- B|-10(~)----------------------------------------10---10~-----------(2)--0h3--------0----- G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D|-------------------------------------------------------------(0)----------------------- A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3b-- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Then why don't you?) VERSE 3: A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ And all the chickens get it A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ And them singin' canaries get it A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ Oh! Oh! A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ Hoo! Yeah, even strawberries get it, huh D5 RIFF 1 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 And I want you to get with it, yeah! D5 RIFF 1 N.C. Yeah, I want you to get with it! /8^ 8/8v e|---------(0)--------------------------- B|-----(0)-----(0)----------------5------ G|--5--------------(5)---7--7--5-----5b-- D|--------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------- Oh! A5 G5 E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ Yeahhh! D5 RIFF 1 Ah, come on and get with it /b /a /g /e /g /e /d e|----------------------- B|----------------------- G|-4--2--0------0-------- D|-----------2-----2--0-- A|----------------------- E|----------------------- CHORUS: 8/8v E5 G5 A5 A5 B5 A5 'Cause ev-ery worm that's under your shoe N.C. E5 G5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 And every bird and bee in the jungle too E5 G5 A5 A5 A5 A5 And everything in the ocean blue N.C. B5 D5 B5 (feedback) They just happen to know exactly what to do N.C. A5 So why don't you? A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 Played 3x: Increasing Whammy distortion (8~) and feedback E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^ E5^
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